India Water Impact Summit

NMCG and c-Ganga organize 6th India Water Impact Summit (IWIS- 2021)

The National Mission for Clean Ganges (NMCG) together with the Center for Ganges River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga) are organizing the sixth edition of the India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) from December 9-14, 2021. one way hybrid online and physical in the offices of NMCG, New Delhi and IIT, Kanpur. IWIS 2021 is a five-day event and this year’s theme is “River Resource Allocation” Planning and Management at the Regional Level “. The edition of the India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) was successfully organized by NMCG and cGanga on the topic of comprehensive analysis and holistic management of local rivers and bodies of water with a focus on the synchronized development of river protection Arth Ganga. Participants on the complexity and peculiarities as well as the management scales of the rivers in the entire catchment area. The focus will be on synchronizing river protection with long-term development. The systematic assessment, planning and management of river resources for various human needs will ensure the health of rivers and the achievement of optimal and sustainable development through the provision of municipal water supply, hydropower, recreation and tourism, irrigation, merchant shipping, fishing. , Waste management and flood management. In order to achieve these diverse goals along the major rivers, the IWIS therefore has the participation of small and large interest groups in the upstream and downstream regions in the context of selected states of the Ganges Basin, namely Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. On December 9th, 2021 the summit will be opened by ShriGajendra Singh Shekhawat, the Honorable Minister of Jal Shakti, together with the Honorable Ministers of State, the Secretary of the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the General Director of NMCG and the Founding Director of cGanga. Every year the summit has several sessions on science, technology and politics, finance and economics, technology and innovation, international and politics, law and governance.The plenary session will mainly focus on planning and managing the allocation of river resources at the regional level by including the upper, middle, lower and delta regions every day. River resources of value to humans can be identified in terms of river ecosystem goods and services that encompass various units such as water (for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes), sediments, nutrients, food, biodiversity, energy, flood drainage, shipping, Litter includes treatment, recreation, etc., in addition to physically unquantifiable attributes such as aesthetic, mystical, and spiritual aspects of rivers. The ecosystem goods and services of rivers vary in quantity and proportion along their length and therefore offer different benefits in different river stretches. Rivers also usually show a common pattern in the distribution of resources over time (e.g. Law and Governance and International Cooperation. Experts from the scientific community from around the world will take part in the IWIS 2021. The international focus of the 6th IWIS would be based on cooperation with the European Union, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, the USA, Great Britain, Australia and the rest of the world. BRICS. This year’s international meetings will be attended by Indian Ambassadors and High Commissioners and their counterparts. IWIS 2021 will be one for all stakeholders Provide a platform for knowledge enrichment and aim to debate, debate and develop model solutions to some of the great challenges related only to the Ganges but to all rivers and the water sector in India.

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