Effluent Treatment Plant

Ambattur Industrial Estate will get a new effluent treatment plant

Gradiant India Limited, a subsidiary of boston based Gradiant Corporation has signed a contract to develop and built a Common Effluent Treatment Plant for more than 2000 Ambattur Industrial Estate companies. Agreement signed between Gradiant India Private Limited, AIEMA (Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturer’s Association) and Chennai Auto Ancillary Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Company (CAAIIUC) will ensure reduction in pollution load and at the same time ensure safe water to industries.

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Industrial Effluent Being Discharged into Natural Bodies

AIEMA (Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturer’s Association) established the Chennai Auto Ancillary Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Company (CAAIIUC). The ZLD based effluent treatment developed by Gradiant will treat 200,000 Liters of wastewater per day as per the company Spokesperson and MD Ravichandran Selvaraj.

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Gradiant India Private Limited will design, built, own, operate (DBOO) and maintain the facility for 15 Years. For the effluent treated firms have to pay according to their feed. However, this pay per feed model will reduce the capital expenditure of the industries. The total expected cost to built the Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant would be around 4 Crores. On the other hand this will benefit 2000 of the Ambattur Industrial Estate companies.

About Gradient India

Gradiant launched its India operations in 2018. The goal of providing sustainable solutions in advanced wastewater recycling and reuse, zero liquid discharge, desalination, and brine concentration.

Because, Gradiant’s India team collaborates with major domestic and international corporations to reduce their water footprint and achieve sustainability goals they provides dependable thermal and membrane-based technology solutions for water reuse and recycling applications. The India team is based in Chennai and has a presence in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal for business development.

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